Trentham Expertise

About Trentham Expertise and this Site

Trentham Expertise was established in 1999 and has provided computing consultancy services to all sizes of organisations ranging from the one-man band to large multi-nationals.

Work undertaken has covered almost every aspect of computing; creating business systems, designing and building websites, installing and repairing hardware... the list is considerable!

The Services link goes into more detail about the work we can do for you and the Websites link shows you some of the websites we have created (you can also access these from the links on the right). The Contact link will tell you how to get in touch with us and the Legal link gives you all that boring legal stuff!

Call on Ken

One of our featured websites is 'Call on Ken' which is a business geared particularly towards helping the home user. On its pages you can find all manner of useful hints and tips for keeping a home computer running smoothly, including recommended free software.

Addional to that site is the Call on Ken Blog where hot-off-the-press items can be found and you can have an opportunity to post your own comments and suggestions.